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For paw lovers.
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Hello Everybody!

Good day everybody and welcome to my page! I also appreciate the ones who visited here and I just want to say welcome! I also do commissions for anyone so if anybody has one will be welcome to comment on my profile, or note me. Welcome everybody! :dance:

If you are adding me to your watch, read below please.

My art may contain some fetish related material about furries. I do some furry artwork but I mostly do paw fetish pictures of them.
If you don't like what I draw, then don't watch me.


About me: I used to be a pet doctor (vet) around my high school years through after college, I always had loved animals by then. I helped all of the animals who are needed to be taken care of, and I didn't hire myself to be part of euthanasia. =p But I did no harm to these animals. Since I have been an animal lover, that's how I realized I was becoming a furry. Also while during my operations, I had one time operate a cat's paw, (by operating the claws) I had been curious about paws by then, and then one of my mates said that I had a paw fetish. But my mates didn't care what I was. I'm also one of those people with Asperger's Syndrome, but it's mild though. So I had a pretty normal job there at the vet, and then afterwards I wanted to become an artist. So I retired being a vet and moved on to being an artist, so I purchased Photoshop and GMOD. At first I used GMOD to take snapshots of paw scenes, and afterwards I used Microsoft paint. But then I realized that Microsoft Paint was literally lame, so I tried using Photoshop, and I was an amateur at it and I begun to improve a tiny bit, and I found Autodesk sketchbook pro. Which it's literally the best software used for line art.
And right now, here I am. :) DEVIANT ART!!!!.

My top ten favourite female furries

Polly Esther (Samurai Pizza Cats)
Berri (Conker games)
Kitty Katswell (TUFF Puppy)
Rouge The Bat (Sonic)
Minerva Mink (Animaniacs)
Lola Bunny (Looney Tunes)
Sally Acorn (Archie Sonic)
Cream (Eto Rangers)
Gadget Hackwrench (Chip 'N Dale)
Coco Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot games)

My top ten favourite male furries

Sonic The Hedgehog
Conker The Squirrel
Pochiro (Eto Rangers)
Banjo (Banjo-Kazooie games)
Pepe Le Pew (Looney Tunes)
Mickey Mouse
Zorori (Kaiketsu Zorori)
Miyamoto Usagi (Usagi Yojimbo)
Wakko Warner (Animaniacs)

My top ten favourite video games

Team Fortress 2
Garry's Mod
Conker's Bad Fur Day/Live And Reloaded
Goldeneye 007
Perfect Dark
Super Mario Sunshine
The House of the Dead
Super Smash Bros.
Sonic: Generations

My personality

Nice, cheerful, sensitive, a little bit shy and talkative. :XD:

What I like

Furries, paws, art, games, cartoons, making new friends, and anything positive.. :)

What I don't like

Internet trolls, spams, internet surveys, negative feedback messages, false critics, bullies, Flagging comments as Spam, nor hiding them, (I wish we could delete comments...:p) and haters. (Haters gonna hate =p)


I sent you the money on google wallet, can you put me on the list now?
Fri May 16, 2014, 6:06 PM
I gots Asperger's
Sun Apr 6, 2014, 5:09 PM
Which females from Rocko's Modern life would you find interesting to draw?
Thu Feb 27, 2014, 8:45 PM
Happy birthday
Wed Jan 22, 2014, 9:25 PM
Hey Fans!
Sat May 18, 2013, 5:59 PM
I really like your art, Ned. You're one of the greatest furry artist on dA.
Fri Mar 22, 2013, 12:44 PM
dude you sound just like the brittish (or some other part of uk) version of me! we both like furries, and we both have mild aspergers! we have to be clones or something
Thu Jan 17, 2013, 4:26 PM
wow! you teally do make good art. nice to see another furry lover. :I okay maybe i only like one furry (krystal) but hey who DOSNT like krystal? (other than non furries)
Thu Jan 17, 2013, 3:51 PM
Wed Dec 12, 2012, 11:14 PM
Hey, dude! How's it hangin'?
Wed Dec 5, 2012, 2:36 AM


Jul 31, 2014
1:49 am
Jul 31, 2014
1:44 am
Jul 31, 2014
12:46 am
Jul 30, 2014
10:55 pm
Jul 30, 2014
10:49 pm



Gallery Warning :Stamp: by Circe-BakaRequests stamp by ARTic-WeatherI don't roleplay by RanshiinsithaCommissions not requests by MariposaBulletCommissions - Ask Me by SweetDukeNo Requests by SweetDukeNo Trades by SweetDukeNo Point Commissions by SweetDukeGifts - Friends Only by SweetDukeCommissions - Open by SweetDukeThe Scat Fetish. by Rocky-Vermillion
I'm NOT taking requests, art trades, ideas and point commissions! I ONLY take Commissions with money. PLEASE DO NOT ask me for a request, art trade, point commission or try to suggest me something by commenting or via note, it will automatically be DELETED or I'll just simply say "no."
Suggestions are for friends only

1. No nudity, drug/alcohol reference, offensive, violence, or graphic material.

2. Don't rush! It makes me work even slower!

3. Banned or Deactivated users who have requested me will automatically be cancelled.

4. If there is a problem with your picture, note me the problem and I will fix it later.

5. You can only give me an idea one at a time.

6. Depending what you want, simple pic, comic, etc. prices are below.

7. DO NOT force me to make your picture.

8.  I will not draw characters that are "Fan based" unless I get permission from that artist.

9. I only draw Furry, Pokemon/Digimon, and Cartoon animals. (Team Fortress 2 maybe as well.)

10. I will get the art done as soon as I can!


:bulletred: Simple Commission
EX: Take A Walk? by PawsNFurs The Raccoon's Kringle by PawsNFurs

Lines only: $5.00 or £/€2.  Colors: $10.00 or £/€7.  Shading: $15.00 USD or £/€10.

:bulletred: Hard Commission
EX:The Mouse Scouts' Camp by PawsNFurs

Lines Only: $20.00 or £/€13. Colors: $25.00 or £/€20. Shading $30.00 or £/€23

==Comic Strip==
EX: Buster Bunny and the Dumbest Dog by PawsNFurs A Strange Fan on the Bus by PawsNFurs Lola Bunny Paw Worship by PawsNFurs

:bulletred: Four panels
Lines Only: $20.00 or £/€15. Colors: $25.00 or £/€21. Shading $30.00 or £/€26

:bulletred: Six Panels/Paw Photo Shoots
Lines Only: $35.00 or £/€32. Colors: $40.00 or £/€38. Shading $45.00 or £/€42

:bulletred: Eight Panels and Over
Lines Only: $55.00 or £/€52. Colors: $70.00 or £/€68. Shading $85.00 or £/€82

==Background included==
:bulletred: $10.00 or £/€7 extra for each picture you commission.

FAQ: How do I pay you with money through here?
A: Use PayPal or any other money transferring website.


1: :iconmrepcot: - Lola Bunny's Athlete's Foot Comic strip Pg. 2 (Six-Paneled comic: Full, lines, colors, and shading) Progress: 87%

2: :iconmrmisty: - Roxanne And Stacy displaying their barefeet, looking at each others feet (Simple Commission: Lines, colors and shading, no background) Progress: 97%

3: :iconmacavity1981: - Katleen (MC Skat Kat) Tied and Tickled (Six paneled comic: colors and lines) Progress: 60%

4: :iconwakkowarner501: - Yakko tickling Wakko (four paneled comic: shading, no background) Progress: 30%








Point Commissions

1: :iconbrawlkoopa: - Xion and Violet both being tickled in the garden. (Full, Lines, color, shading, and background) Progress: 22%

2: :icontiny-toons-fan: - Babs Bunny Meeting Lola Bunny (TLTS Version) & Teenage Kitty Katswell (Full, Lines, color, shading, and background) Progress: 78%
3: :icondcencia: - Sweetie Pie Learning On Her First Day at Acme Looniversity By her favorite teacher and mentor Tweety (Full, Lines, color, shading, and background) Progress: Completed

4: :icon1994semaj: - Amy And Blaze Foot Tease While Wondering Why They Are Barefoot (Lines Only, no background) Progress: Completed

5: :iconeternaldragonstear: -  Redemptionheart bear tied up like that with her arms up above her head getting tickled cruelly on her under arms by Sakura heart (Full, Lines, color, shading, and background) Progress: 79%

6: :iconbunnyfriend: -  His OCs Hans and Greta stepping playfully on cakes and pastries. (Full, lines and colors, with background) Progress: Completed

7: :iconanonymousdeviant: - Dudley from TUFF Puppy tied to a chair wearing only boxers, Kitty Katswell in a school girl outfit with white knee socks sitting on his lap stuffing clean black socks into his mouth. (Lines, colors, shading, no background) Progress: 47%

8: :iconsplashyd: - His Rabbit OC Sam, strapped on a table with feather tempting to tickle. (Lines only, no background) Progress: 59%

1: :iconwolfsbinewolf: - Angelo and Lance Progress: 80%

2: :iconacpaws: - Poppy And Daisy Paw Tease Progress: Completed

3: :iconthrillingraccoon: - Kid Tom Hugging Cindy-Lou As They're Floating In Outer Space Progress: 69%

Please note that I will try to get these requests done as soon as possible. ^^;

1::icontiny-toons-fan: - Zim & Dib (Invader Zim) Meeting Coop & Mr Kat (Kid Vs. Kat) Progress: 89%

2::iconcrosscartoon: - Indomitable Heart Squirrel Swallows Shimmers Progress: 40%

3::iconheart-will-wolf: - Himmering Star Bear and Redemption Heart Bear strapped to chairs with their hands restrained above their heads and tickled. Redemption heart being tickle tortured by magic feathers on her feet and underarms and shimmers being tickled on his underarms by mine and his shared character Tickle Heart Bear Progress: 16%

4: :iconmattmiles: - Matthaew Tickling Inferno Progress: 40%

5::iconratchet-halo: - Applejack Tickled By Bad Bird (Samurai Pizza Cats) Progress: 90%

6::icontheevstar: - Racer Rabbit Scuba Diving Progress: 75%

7::iconduskhusky64: - Buck Hugging And Holding His OC Duskette Comfortably Close. Progress: 48%
  • Listening to: Black Sabbath
  • Watching: Malcom In The Middle, T.U.F.F. Puppy
  • Playing: Rareware Games
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: Mountain Dew

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Neduel J. Freeman
United Kingdom
:heart: :dance: :boogie: :spidey: :headbang:
I'm in love with furries, I'm a Paw and Furry artist and I'm doing this for a lot of you people out there :D Hello mates!

If you are not familiar on what I and we do. Then Why Are You Even Here? Because everything you see on my profile is all about furries. ^^;

Feel free to give me a commission at anytime! :D

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Current Residence: United Kingdom
Favourite genre of music: Rock & Alternative, Heavy Metal
MP3 player of choice: Apple IPOD


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